The current release is EasyMercurial 1.4. See the list of changes since the last release.

You can find the source code for EasyMercurial 1.4 here. The packages below also contain a custom build of the KDiff3 diff/merge utility, with thanks to Joachim Eibl. We have tweaked it to remove some features not needed for EasyMercurial. Source code for our tweaked version of KDiff3 can be found here.


» Download EasyMercurial installer for Windows 7+

The Mercurial executable and KDiff3 diff/merge application are included. Some bundling components are sourced from the TortoiseHg project, with thanks.


» Download EasyMercurial package for macOS 10.12+

Mercurial itself is not included in this package. Download and install it before you run EasyMercurial.

You may also wish to install the PyCrypto library to enable the EasyMercurial password management facility. To do so, type sudo /usr/bin/easy_install pycrypto in a terminal window.


» Download EasyMercurial package for 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04+

You should only have to install the relevant package: all the necessary dependencies should be added by your package manager.

» Download EasyMercurial AppImage for most Linux systems

Mercurial itself is not included in this image. Install it using your distribution package manager first. Then download and save the EasyMercurial AppImage file, make it executable, and run it.